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We are a small company specializing in Java applications. This forum software is the fruit of labor of many developers from Yasna Inc. and including those outside of Yasna Inc.
Although this software is maintained by developers from Yasna Inc., new feature development and enhancement requests are only done based on external requests. We maintain this project on volunteer basis and take no responsibility for its fitness of use. Please read our license agreement.
This forum software is 100% pure Java.

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Yazd Support Contract

If you need additional support to assist you with setting up and configuring the Yazd Discussion Forum software, you can now purchase support. This will help us in providing a better free and open-source software to you the end-user.

The support is provided through e-mail.
It provides 6 hours of e-mail support (timed from the reading the e-mail, working on the problem and sending a respond) for a period of 6 months.
It costs $195 CDN.

Installation Support

  1. Installation of Yazd Discussion Forum on a supported Java Application Server.
  2. Database configuration for the Yazd Discussion Forum Software on the supported databases.
  3. Assistance with database connectivity and initial setup of the Yazd Discussion Forum software.
Configuration Support
  1. Advice on database configuration and schema creation for Yazd Discussion Forum software.
  2. Tuning Yazd Discussion Forum software to meet the needs of the site.
  3. Advice concerning exporting custom data files.
  4. Troubleshooting Yazd Discussion forum issues.
  5. Note: This support does not cover configuration of other software systems than Yazd Discussion Forum Software. We do not guarantee the operation of other software with Yazd Discussion Forum Software.
Integration Support
  1. Advice on the creation and applicability of coding for a specific design.
  2. Assistance with designing a Java program with the intent of integrating the Yazd Discussion forum into your environment.
  3. Assistance with troubleshooting a Java program in order to correct a specific issue related to Yazd Discussion Forum.
  4. Assistance with the customization of the Yazd Discussion Forum Software to modify features, add/remove functionality, or enable custom settings.
  5. Note: This support is designed to assist a Java programmer/architect with designing and modifying the Yazd Discussion Forum Software; we are not responsible for the actual writing of the coding changes.
Software Debugging
  1. Initial assessment of the nature of a problem that may be a defect or bug
  2. Replicating problems which may be a defect or bug
  3. Logging of discovered problems and providing the necessary updates.

This support does not include assistance with the development of Java applications.
This agreement might change without notice.

Note : If you are in Canada you will be subject to relevant taxes.

Please note that you can use any of the following credit cards

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