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Author Topic: jetspeed 1.4 customization layout problem
posted by: lucky (  lucky )
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posted Friday, Aug 20 at 12:43 AM
Fri, Aug 20 at 12:43:53 EDT
jetspeed 1.4 customization layout problem
I am currently using jetspeed 1.4 for my portal. I encounter a problem for layout in cutomization.
Here is a scenario:

1. Login to homepage.
2. Click on configure home page.
3. Go to add portlet screen. Select all 47 portlets. Click on SAVE.
4. In the Change Layout screen, select ‚??One Column‚?? in the Layout drop down box.

Here we will see only 32 portlets.

If you try to add remaining portlet in ‚??Add Portlet‚?? screen, all the portlets will be greyed (as we have already selected once earlier) and we cannot change the status.
Again change the Layout drop down box to any other value, but we will not see all the portlets. Also we cannot add the remaining portlets.

Does anyone might know if jetspeed 1.4 has limit number of portlets for layout? Or what could be wrong here?

Thanks in advance.

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