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Author Topic: Other features coming?
posted by: tallship (Bradley D. Thornton )
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posted Thursday, May 13 at 5:43 AM
Thu, May 13 at 05:43:40 EDT
Other features coming?
I see that this board has very little activity, but also read that the developer will keep this project going as long as he's not bankrupt ;)

I have a laundry list of feature related questions which I would like to pose below:

Is there a timeline, or any of the features listed below currently planned or in development with YAZD?

1.) uploading custom user Avatars

2.) nested Thread appearances (easily configurable on the fly from withing the forums instead of in the users control panel) - kind of like what fudforum and sporum use.

3.) support for user profile features such as those seen in Vbulletin, FudForum, PHPbb, Invision, etc...

i.e., ICQ, JABBER, MSN, AIM, SKYPE, FWD, YIM, Afero, etc...

Also, optional personal user information such as age, location/address/phone/language, etc...

4.) user authentication Integration with PostNuke and MD-Pro, along the lines of pnPHPbb2, etc...

5.) member lists/searches/PMs/ratings/stats/etc...

6.) sysadmin/public stat reporting/graphing features.

In otherwords, this looks really promising and I'd really like to see/hear what your plans are for the future, and the timeline that you are looking at :)

Kindest regards,

posted by: aaflatooni(Aflatoon)
Last logged in:Thu, Mar 9 at 04:09:51 EST
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posted Wednesday, May 19 at 1:29 PM
Wed, May 19 at 01:29:47 EDT
Re: Other features coming?
What, no fries? :)
I will become backrupt working only on Yazd.

But seriously...

User info, (ICQ etc.) is pretty easy to do, so I might just integerate the changes into Yazd 2.0. The rest, will be prioritized and might be in the next release of Yazd.

I also apprciate the comments and feature requests, as they would help me figure out what should be worked on next.

Hope that answers your question.


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