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Author Topic: Is it possible to do non-threaded mode?
posted by: whorfin (  whorfin )
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posted Thursday, Apr 29 at 11:02 AM
Thu, Apr 29 at 11:02:31 EDT
Is it possible to do non-threaded mode?
I'm curious if it's possible to do forums in a non-threaded mode with Yazd, so that it would look closer to something like WebX (WebCrossing), for those who are familiar with that. In that sort of case, a forum would contain topics, and entering a topic would list the messages one after the other at the same level, no indentation, and no replying to specific messages; in this case it's the topic that gets replied to.

I would think this would be a lot simpler, but I'm curious if it would take some code customization to do this, or if configuration options can accomplish it.
posted by: tallship(Bradley D. Thornton)
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posted Thursday, May 13 at 5:33 AM
Thu, May 13 at 05:33:47 EDT
Re: Is it possible to do non-threaded mode?
Well I have some similar questions, such as, is it possible to have other types of threaded views, like the nested views available with fudforum or sporum?

Sporum actually has a really great look and feel, and would translate nicely to a skin for YAZD.
posted by: aaflatooni(Aflatoon)
Last logged in:Thu, Mar 9 at 04:09:51 EST
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posted Wednesday, May 19 at 1:34 PM
Wed, May 19 at 01:34:22 EDT
Re: Is it possible to do non-threaded mode?
You can easily get rid of the indentation in the skins.
Also, I am not sure if what you are look for is simply the view that you get when viewing a certain forum. It is sorted by the subjects.


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