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We are a small company specializing in Java applications. This forum software is the fruit of labor of many developers from Yasna Inc. and including those outside of Yasna Inc.
Although this software is maintained by developers from Yasna Inc., new feature development and enhancement requests are only done based on external requests. We maintain this project on volunteer basis and take no responsibility for its fitness of use. Please read our license agreement.
This forum software is 100% pure Java.

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Author StickyStickyTopic: Yazd 3.0 Released!
posted by: aaflatooni (Aflatoon )
Last logged in:Thu, Mar 9 at 04:09:51 EST
posted Wednesday, Jan 24 at 4:31 AM
Wed, Jan 24 at 04:31:44 EST
Yazd 3.0 Released!
I would like to let you know that we have completed the Beta testing of Yazd Discussion Forum 3.0 and a full release is available for download. Some new exciting features are included in this version to allow you run a more effective disucssion forum.

If you have used the beta of Yazd 3.0, you should upgrade to the production release as some features and functionality was added in the full release version.

We also fixed some bugs that existed in previous versions of Yazd and we encourage you to upgrade your software.

We would also like to hear about new features that you would like to see implemented in the forum software. If you have any suggestions please post a message on our forum (it seems like everybody else does!).

We have also added a new discussion forum on our site called "Forum Admins". This forum will allow the admins for forums to discuss problems, issues and ideas about how to promote a forum and make it a success. If you have any questions about running and making your forum successful then you can post it there. You can post messages there even if you are not a Yazd user.

There are number of changes available in this release. The following are the highlights:

- Ability to blacklist users
- FCKeditor and file upload
- New filters to remove javascripts and resize images
- Online user list
- Sticky Thread
- Close a Thread
- Move a thread to a different forum
- Article discussions

Please note that we have disabled FCKeditor by default to ensure higher security for our software. If you want to enable the editor you need to edit post.jsp, post_include.jsp and web.xml. If you are not sure what Yazd Forum with FCKeditor enabled would look like, you can take a look at Real Estate Discussion Forum website @ http://realestateforum.ideallisting.com.

The following are the security advisory that we issued:
The following security bugs were present in all versions of Yazd prior to version 3.0. You need to upgrade in order to have your application secure.
- An error in how the permissions were assembled caused users to get extra permissions for the forums.
- If a user had permissions to create a message in a forum, they could reply to messages in all forums.


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