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Author Topic: yazd.properties gets overwritten (Question)
posted by: phloggu (Adrian Zaugg )
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Last logged in:Mon, Aug 9 at 09:19:33 EDT
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posted Monday, Aug 9 at 9:41 PM
Mon, Aug 9 at 09:41:16 EDT
yazd.properties gets overwritten
We moved our yazd installation to a new server with a different directory layout. I tried to reflect this in yazd.properties. Unfortunately yazd.properties always gets overwritten, when JBoss starts. Like this I can't reset the admin interface (setup=false) nor set the new path to yazdHome. The installation works with symlinks, now. Anyway I like to change the settings: How can I do that? Where are the relevant properties stored? I couldn't find anything neither on the file system nor in the db. Thank you for your help.

Regards, Adrian.
posted by: aaflatooni(Aflatoon)
Last logged in:Thu, Mar 9 at 04:09:51 EST
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posted Monday, Apr 4 at 12:06 PM
Mon, Apr 4 at 12:06:34 EDT
yazd.properties gets overwritten
Are you using a configured datasource from JBoss or are you configuring Yazd to manage the datasources?

The difference is that the properties gets written in the database if you use the datasource provider from your app server.

posted by: yangpeter321bnm12333)
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Last logged in:Fri, Dec 30 at 01:40:43 EST
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posted Friday, Dec 30 at 1:51 AM
Fri, Dec 30 at 01:51:55 EST
yazd.properties gets overwritten
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posted Wednesday, Feb 22 at 3:08 AM
Wed, Feb 22 at 03:08:08 EST
yazd.properties gets overwritten
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